GRA Catalog – CITIC Press – BIBF 2023 Foreign Rights Catalogue – Adult Books


China CITIC Press, affiliated with the CITIC Group, was founded in 1988. In 2008, it
was restructured into CITIC Publishing Company Limited and further developed
into the CITIC Press Group in 2013.
The CITIC Press Group provides new insights and knowledge services to the public
during times of social transition. It aims to lead and satisfy the diverse needs of
mass readers in terms of knowledge and culture. Through continuous exploration,
the CITIC Press Group has expanded its businesses from books, electronic
publications, and communication to include chain bookstores, information and
knowledge services, professional education and training, IP operation, value
added cultural services.
The business scale of CITIC Press Group’s has excessed over one billion RMB. It
publishes nearly one thousand varieties of books annually, covering 10 main
categories, including academics & culture, business & economics, lifestyle, and
art, children publications. For years, the CITIC Press Group has become one of the
most influential publishing companies in the book market, producing numerous
bestsellers and maintaining a leading role in the book retailing market.
Since 2010, the CITIC Press Group has been operating self-owned chain
bookstores in major airports and urban landmarks. It currently operates dozens of
bookstores in several cities across China and is one of the largest chain brands of
airport bookstores in the Asian-Pacific region.
Based in China but with a global perspective, the CITIC Press Group embraces
its cultural mission bestowed upon it by the current era. It is evolving into
a progressive state-owned cultural brand that offers premium content in
representing China’s insights


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