Bestselling Authors

Dr. WU Jun is an award winner author, a Silicon Valley investor, and a director of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University with a PhD in computer science, and is an expert in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and web search. He was the main designer of Google’s Chinese, Japanese, and Korean algorithms, and served as vice president of Tencent’s search business. He is the author of several best-selling books and has won several Chinese book awards, including the Wenjin Book Award and the China Best Book Award.

Dr. Fan Deng is the founder of “Fanshu,” the biggest online reading club in China with over 60 million fans. He is a former host at China Central Television. Today, “Fan Deng” can be described as a household name in China. A few years after the founding of “Fanshu,” a wave of “quality content to purchase” has been set off in China, which has revived countless people’s interest in reading. “Fanshu” has also rapidly developed into an enterprise with an annual profit of over 100 million yuan. Dr. Fan is not only an eloquent speaker, but also a successful business leader.

Prof. PENG Kaiping is the head of the psychology department at Tsinghua University, and the chair of the Academic Committee of Social Science School at Tsinghua University. He is also a tenured faculty member at the Department of Psychology of the University of California at Berkeley. He is on the Executive Committee of the International Positive Psychology Association (since 2010), and the Executive Chair of the China international Positive Psychology Conference (since 2009). He was previously a member of the American Psychological Association Leadership Council, the director of the department of Social and Personality Psychology of University of California at Berkeley, the co-president of the Fifth International Conference of Chinese Psychologists Worldwide, along with numerous other national and international professional academic services.

Prof. CHI Yukai is an associate professor of psychology at South China Normal University, and deputy director of Chinese Psychological Society. Besides, he is also known as a popular psychology writer who excels at telling stories.

TAO Yong, fellow researcher of Peking University National Development Think Tank, and researcher of Zhongguancun History Research Group, has more than ten years of media work experience, engaging in investigative reports about finance, politics and legal system. After quitting from media works, he focuses on enterprise management innovation research and has published several bestselling books.

XI Zhinong, Chinese wildlife photographer, founder of Wild China Film, Chinese wildlife photographer and environmentalist, the only Chinese photographer selected for the International Union of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), and the initiator of the Giant Tree Project.

SONG Zhao, a popular bestselling Chinese SCI- fiction author has been engaged in the media and public relations industry for a long time. As an reporter in IT media and experienced the rapid growth of AI technology. He hopes to avoid the weakness of the lack of story of pure literary works, and to avoid the common problem of the lack of connotation of popular novels. Miscalculation trilogy won the 9th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award.

ZHANG Jiajia, writer, graduated from Nanjing University, Chinese best-selling author. His published works include: Passing Through Your World (I Belonged to You); There is a Commissary by the Clouds; Let Me Stay with You, Almost a Hero, and Lover’s Letter.

Prof. CAO Wenxuan is an acclaimed novelist of children’s literature, best known for winning the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2016. He was the first Chinese author to ever receive the award. In announcing the award, the International Board for Young People’s Jury said Cao “writes beautifully about the complex lives children facing great challenges, He is a deeply committed writer, w\hose own difficult childhood has been deeply influential on his writing in which there are no easy answers.” In 2015, Cao’s Dingding and Dangdang series was selected as one of IBBY’s Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. In 2017, his book Bronze and Sunflower was selected as a Kirkus finalist and a New York Times Notable Children’s Book. As professor of Chinese literature at Peking University, Cao’s work has been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. Several of his works have also been adapted into films.

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