Knowledge 《见识》




Leadership for Everyone I & II《可复制的领导力 1&2》

Leadership for Everyone I & II《可复制的领导力 1&2》


The Law of Refinement in Times of Uncertainty

Positive Psychology for Parents

How to Repair Your Brain


Celebrate uniqueness: growing inspiration from Satya
《庆祝独特性:来自萨提亚的成长启发 》

20 Wisdoms from Psychologists

The Psychologists’ Tales

On Chinese Economy – Challenge, Potential, and Future

Empire of Silver: A New Monetary History of China《白银帝国》

To Subdue the Opponent without Fighting: Business Lessons from the Art of War 《善战者说》

Civilization, Modernization, Value Investment and China

Embedded Power《置身事内》
Chinese Government and Economic Development

Thriving《生长 从战略到执行》

Leno Grows Bigger,Huawei Becomes Stronger
《联想做大 华为做强》

Huawei, Practices Created-in-China over Made-in-China
《华为 从中国制造到中国创造》

Beauty of Life《生命的灵动》

Natural Whisper《自然的呢喃》

The Journey of Paper Culture Heritage

Traditional Chinese Colors: Aesthetics of Color in the Forbidden City《中国传统色:故宫里的色彩美学》

The Motifs of the Forbidden City

The Wandering Earth II: Film Handbook
《流浪地球 2: 电影制作手记》

The Legend of the Deep Sea Hotel《深海大饭店的传说》

The Charm of Mortise and Tenon

Notes on Haicuotu: the Book of Sea Creatures (4 volumes)

Typical Chinese Gardens in Southern China《江南古典私家园林》

Chinese Birds Illustrated 《中国鸟类生态大图鉴》

              I Belonged to You


              Miscalculation Trilogy


Communication Skills for Everyone《可复制的沟通力》

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