Children BOOK

Journey to the West (Picture Book, 12 volumes)《西游记绘本》

What If Series (10 titles) 《动物妙想国系列(全10册)》

Chinese Folk Stories for Kids (8 titles)

Chinese Mythological Stories for Kids (8 titles)

Mount Grandma (Mount Laolao)《姥姥山》

The Big Ship《大船》

I Wish I Could Be《变变变》

Little Bird and the Statue《小鸟和雕像》

Who Stole My Sleep?

STM for kids Series

One Day of Primitive Men (4 volumes)

Made with Fun (3 volumes)《有趣的制造》

The Secrets of Flying (3 Volumes)

Oh, How Fun Science Is! (3 volumes)

Oh, My Brain!《我的大脑好厉害》

The Marvelous Imperial Palace

Rabbit and Snail《兔子和蜗牛》

Magpie’s Nest《喜鹊窝》


A little teardrop《一颗小泪珠》

4-Book Bilingual Children series:
The Amazing Mind of Mikey

Fun Literacy for Kids: 600 Chinese Characters

Illustrated English Grammar for Pupils

Mental Health Themed Self-Caring Comic Series For Teenagers (Five Volumes)《1016成长信箱》(共5册)

Preschool Math Activity Workbook《全脑开发500题》(6 Volumes)

Easy Way to Learn to Draw: Comics

Whole Brain Development Game Book with Mind-Maps(8 volumes)《思维导图全脑开发游戏》(8种)

Illustrated Riddles for Smart Kids《儿童谜语精选》

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