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ISBN: 9787508684604
Pages: 368
Published Date: September 2019
Size: 210mm x 147mm
SOLD copies in China: 720,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese and Korean

Selling Points:
1. 5-step advice on how to improve your long-term vision of the world
2. Complete methodology of success inspired by billionaires and business titans

The author believes that personal achievement depends first and foremost on insights. This book presents the author’s own experience, as well as the experiences of pioneers of the times around him, in a distinctive and interesting manner, providing you with a different and deeply insightful perspective of the world and its problems.

About the Author:
Dr. WU Jun is an award winner author, a Silicon Valley investor, and a director of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University with a PhD in computer science, and is an expert in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and web search. He was the main designer of Google’s Chinese, Japanese, and Korean algorithms, and served as vice president of Tencent’s search business. He is the author of several best-selling books and has won several Chinese book awards, including the Wenjin Book Award and the China Best Book Award.

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