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Illustrated English Grammar for Pupils



By楚恬/Chu Tian
ISBN: 978-7-122-38799-8 Pages:150pp
Published Date: 2021
Size: 170X240mm
SOLD copies in China: 700,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All Rights Available

Selling Points:
1.Featuring colorful illustrations, mind-maps, mnemonic formulas and sign words;
2.Explaining thoroughly the basic English grammar, including parts of speech, tenses, and syntax;
3.No. 1 bestseller of the same category on, winning more than 10,000 five-star reviews

The knowledge points of English grammar that need to be mastered in primary level are classified and summarized systematically, and organized into 20 chapters and 65 sections, covering parts of speech, syntax and tenses. In the book, a wealth of mind-maps, tables and diagrams are included to deconstruct the concept of primary level English grammar. It also explains the details of primary level English grammar with plentiful interesting illustrations, summarizes and refines the rules, experiences, and skills accumulated by the author over many years of being a front-line teacher, helping students find a shortcut to mastering English grammar comprehensively and thoroughly.

About the Author:
CHU Tian, a renowned primary school English teacher, has many years of experience in classroom teaching. He has rich practical teaching experience on primary school English grammar, as well as the key points, difficulties, and common mistakes in English grammar for the entrance examination to junior high school.

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