Category: Children / Picture Books/Imagination      Publisher: CITIC

Who Stole My Sleep?



ISBN: 9787521718881
Pages: 48
Published Date: April 2021
Size: 247mm x 247mm
SOLD copies in China: 16,500 Copies

Selling Points:
1. Children who love daydreaming before going to bed will love this book
2. Unique collage art style that won numerous international illustration awards

The inspiration comes from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Sleep Stealer.” The poem’s poses the question, “Who stole my sleep?” and the author embarks on a journey to find the thief. What does a sleep thief look like? Where is the stolen sleep kept? Where do the thieves live? Anyone who loves to wonder before bed will fall in love with this fun, scrapbook-style book.

About the Author:
TU YOU is the winners of the US Creative Quarterly 56 in 2019, “works of excellence” at the 3×3 International Illustration Awards Show, and “Outstanding Work” at the iJungle 2020 Illustration Awards. TU YOU graduated from the University of the Arts London with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in illustration with honors and has received many rewards at home and abroad. His work was exhibited in China, the UK, and Poland.

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