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Knowledge 《见识》

ISBN: 9787521708554
Pages: 282
Published Date: February 2018
Size: 210mm x 147mm
SOLD copies in China: 1,045,000Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese


Selling Points:
1. Best-selling book about logical thinking in 2017
2. Provides unique insights on how to perceive the world and navigate through life

In this book, Dr. WU Jun summarizes how to become a big picture thinker from five dimensions: position, direction, method, pace, and rhythm. Anyone, regardless of their starting point can become a big picture thinker in a few years if they can recognize their position, find the right direction, do things in the right way, speed up the progress, and grasp the rhythm.

About the Author:
Dr. WU Jun is an award winner author, a Silicon Valley investor, and a director of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University with a PhD in computer science, and is an expert in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and web search. He was the main designer of Google’s Chinese, Japanese, and Korean algorithms, and served as vice president of Tencent’s search business. He is the author of several best-selling books and has won several Chinese book awards, including the Wenjin Book Award and the China Best Book Award.

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