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Journey to the West (Picture Book, 12 volumes)《西游记绘本》


By狐狸家/Fox Family
Pages: 50-60/volume
Published Date: 2018- 2023
Size: 210mm x 215mm
SOLD: 1,500,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian

Selling Points:
1.An all-time favorite classic remade with eye-catching watercolor illustrations
2.A story that takes children on a fascinating journey to the magical world
3.On-going series, 12 volumes published up to date

The series of comic books are adapted from the beloved classic Journey to the West in which five hundred years after the Monkey King was imprisoned beneath the Wuxing Mountains as a punishment by the Tathagata Buddha, the Bodhisattva visits him and convinces him to embark on a journey of repentance by becoming a Buddhist disciple, who will accompany the monk on a pilgrimage to India. Each book tells one of the stunning stories from the original where the characters are illustrated in a cute comic style and the scenes are designed according to a movie storyboard. The illustrator combined traditional Chinese painting techniques with watercolor to create stunning backdrops for each scene, and the writers use plain language to tell the story in a child-friendly way.

About the Author:
Fox Family is the creator of several bestselling children’s books. Fox Family has won many national and regional awards in China for creativity and originality. Several of their works are selected for China’s original animation publishing support program, “Motive Power.”

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