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Lenovo Grows Bigger,Huawei Becomes Stronger《联想做大 华为做强》


By Tao Yong/陶勇
ISBN:9787121297977 Pages: 388
Published Date: September 2016
SOLD copies in China: 110,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1.Case study about 2 giants of Chinese companies
2.Logically analysis of different structure, management, strategy and culture of these two giants.

Lenovo, the flagship of China IT industry, and Huawei, a model of China private enterprises, have both made remarkable contributions to the world, and have been listed as the world’s top 100 most valuable brands. Lenovo is the world’s largest PC manufacturer. Huawei provides communications equipment and solutions for the communication carriers. This book attempts to compare and analyze the advantages, characteristics, and achievements of Lenovo and Huawei from seven aspects, including management practice, industry competitiveness, internationalization ability, enterprise intelligence, industrial chain effect, brand building, and innovation ability. These 2 giants become bigger and stronger day by day, but in a different way.

About the Author:
TAO Yong, fellow researcher of Peking University National Development Think Tank, and researcher of Zhongguancun History Research Group, has more than ten years of media work experience, engaging in investigative reports about finance, politics and legal system. After quitting from media works, he focuses on enterprise management innovation research and has published several bestselling books.

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