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Embedded Power《置身事内》


Chinese Government and Economic Development
By Lan Xiaohuan/兰小欢
Publication Date:August 2021,文景
Pages: 340pp
Illustrations: 25 diagrams
Size: 24.2 x 16.5cm
SOLD copies in China: 100,000+ Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese

Selling Points:
1.Introduction to Chinese Economy from the point of view of governments
2.Combination of field experiences, case studies with comprehensive data and rigorous economic analysis
3.Concise and simple writing that a general audience can understand

The book explains how Chinese government promotes economic growth. The first part explains in details the tasks and administration of Chinese government, taxation, land sale and finance, debt management, and various industrial policies. The second part introduces three macro- problems created by this model of economic development: urbanization and regional disparity, debt risks and crisis, and external imbalance and trade conflicts. The book combines field experiences and case studies with comprehensive data and rigorous economic analysis.

About the Author:
LAN Xiaohuan is a professor of economics at the School of Economics, Fudan University. He is also a research fellow at the Shanghai Institute and International Finance and Economics. He received his PhD in economics from the University of Virginia. He is the Winner of the 2019 Masahiko Aoki Award for Economics Paper, and also works as an associate editor of Journal of Development Economics.

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