Category: Children / Picture Book/ Culture      Publisher: Dolphin Media

Chinese Mythological Stories for Kids (8 titles)


ISBN: 9787551627610
Published Date: 2022/3
Size: 170mm × 240mm
SOLD copies in China: 20,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All available

Selling Potints:
1.This set contains 8 volumes, each volume tells 8 classic Chinese mythology stories.
2.These mythological stories have been read 10 million times
3.It contains all types of Chinese mythology and builds up the Chinese mythology system in 8 themes.

The set is about mythical stories that let children’s curiosity have the wings of fantasy. Different from the setting of “God has always been a god” in Western mythology, Chinese mythology is more “people can become immortals through hard work”. Therefore, Chinese mythology and stories are not only myths, but also part of historical facts, which connect ancient characters and contemporary current affairs, history, culture, allusions, friendship, family affection, and interpersonal coping, which can allow children to improve cross-field reading literacy while reading myths.

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