Category: Children / Picture Book/ Culture      Publisher: Dolphin Media

Chinese Folk Stories for Kids (8 titles)



By Dolphin Media
ISBN: 9787558913310
Pages:100 pages per title
Published Date: 2022-03
Size: 170mm × 240mm
SOLD copies in China: 20,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All available

Selling Points:
1.41 tales are derived from Chinese intangible cultural heritage folk culture projects.
2.The sub-volume “The Judgment of Lord Bao” contains stories of witty characters such as the Judgment of Lord Bao, the story of Avanti, and the story of taking things from a pole.

These cultural treasures passed down orally from generation to generation Chinese not only allow children to accumulate cultural and historical literacy and understand traditional culture, but also nourish a happy and interesting childhood.
1.Nine-colored deer
2.The Legend of the White Snake
3.Bao Gong
5.Orange peel painted crane
6.Nezha hai hai
7.The story of the year
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