Category: Children /Popular Science/Series        Publisher: CITIC

Oh, How Fun Science Is! (3 volumes)



By 一园青菜/Yi Yuan Qing Cai
ISBN: 9787521747386/9787521745948/9787521747027
Pages:130 per volume
Published Date:November2022
Size:230mm x170mm
SOLD copies in China: 17,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1. Reviewed by 9 experts, the books cover 430 key points in 25 scientific disciplines.
2. Through intriguing questions, complicated concepts are explained with easy-to-understand and entertaining cartoon stories.
3. Over 150,000 copies of the cartoon program derived from the same series have been sold on popular online platforms such as Tencent, iQIYI, and Youku.

Tudodo, a humanoid potato, loves adventures and is always curious about the world. The questions he asks can sometimes be quite astonishing. For example, “Where does poop go when it is held back?”; “Who puts the unhappy feelings in us?”; “Why are there penguins on the equator?”; “Can the diggers dig through the earth?”; “Can 3D printers print edible food?”… With Tudodo, readers will explore the scientific facts and principles behind these intriguing questions. Titles:1. The Curious Human Body 2. Mysterious Affairs of the Earth 3. Cool Technologies that Change Our Life 4. Hidden Danger (in progress) 5. Cosmic Extravaganza(in progress) 6. Mathematics Aliens’ Way of Life(in progress)7. What to Do When the Dinosaurs Arrive(in progress)8. The Vanishing Animal Museum(in progress)

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