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Thriving《生长 从战略到执行》


By YU Yan
ISBN:9787522310770 Pages: 296
Published Date: March 2022
SOLD copies in China: 21,000 Copies
Rights sold: All Available (Except Russia & Japan)

Selling Points:
1.Built with 20 years of practical experience, 40 Chinese and foreign enterprises co-created, a new framework for the comprehensive implementation of the strategy
2.Alibaba’s first-hand story in the past 20 years has been revealed

In the actual process of strategy and management, Yu Yan summarized a set of strategic frameworks that can fully implement the strategy and enable enterprises to achieve success, and has been verified and positively feedback from 40 Chinese and foreign enterprises. On this basis, Yu Yan continued to polish and improve, and finally obtained this new framework in this book that can fully implement the strategy, hoping to help more enterprises solve the difficulties and stuck points in the strategy from formulation to implementation, and truly achieve from 0 to 1 to N. Yu Yan describes the essence of a good strategy, deeply excavates and solves the “six pits” in the process of strategy from formulation to implementation, and decomposes the evolution process of strategy into three stages – the birth of strategy, the growth of strategy, and the integration of personnel of strategy. At the same time, Yu Yan combined many cases of Taobao’s strategic development to show the core weapons that help enterprises succeed!

About the Author:
YU Yan (Yu Zhang) is an honorary partner of Alibaba Group, a core member of Taobao’s founding team, and former president of Taobao. In March 2004, he joined Alibaba Group and worked for Alibaba Group for 18 years, being a core member of Taobao’s founding team and an important founder of Taobao’s “From 0 to 1” business segments.

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