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The Psychologists’ Tales



By Yukai Chi
ISBN: 9787559642998, Paperback
Pub. Date:July 2022
SOLD copies in China: 50,000 Copies
Rights sold: All Available (Except Russia & Japan)

Selling Points:
1.A hilarious psychological comedy brought by punster/writer Yukai Chi
2.Anecdotes and trivia peer psychologists may not even know
3.Funny comics attached for readers to understand psychology easily

The book is a fascinating and alternative ABC book for psychology. Beginning with anecdotes of the legends, CHI Yukai outlines the history of psychology in an easy and straightforward way. He presents the old pedant Wilhelm Wundt, one of the fathers of modern psychology, quirky psychoanalysts, talented behaviorists, and easy humanists. Major disciplines of psychology are introduced in an intriguing way. The Psychologists’ Tales includes 18 comics with funny stories of 40 psychologists spanning centuries of time. The book shows unknown stories behind these pioneers and exciting moments they created in history. It’s believed that psychological experts will highly appreciate it while beginners will surely fall in love with psychology after reading it.

About the Author:
CHI Yukai an associate professor of psychology at South China Normal University, and deputy director of Chinese Psychological Society. Besides, he is also known as a popular psychology writer who excels at telling stories.

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