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By刘海栖 Liu Haiqi
ISBN: 9787573600394 Pages: 274
Published Date: Jan 2021
SOLD copies in China:30,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All Rights Available

Selling Points:
1.You can see a unique power of childhood grows naturally out of the simple human nature through an introduction of a quiet, warm, spring-filled old town, a group of energetic children and some simple and fun childhood games.
2.A humorous style of writing and a galloping playfulness that helps children find the joy of learning, knowing that learning a skill is a process of exploring the unknown, of sharpening the mind and of growing up happily.
3.An excellent children’s literature which shows the richness of life and the fun of children’s thoughts is conducive to build children’s personalities.

Through the process of learning how to swim, Liu Lixian, the main character, demonstrates the abundant playfulness and vitality of childhood, interpreting the special playfulness and sports of childhood; the rich details of life and folk wisdom flow like spring in the city and the folk life of the spring city unfolds like a scroll picture through the various children’s game. The text is open-hearted and full of vivid lives, and successfully portrays a vibrant group of youngsters.

About the Author:
Liu Haiqi, is the Vice Chairman of Shandong Writers’ Association, also a member of the Chinese Writers’ Association and a member of the Children’s Literature Committee of the Chinese Writers’ Association. His works have won the Ninth and Eleventh National Outstanding Children’s Literature Awards and the Chinese Outstanding Publication Award, and have been selected as one of the “50 books loved by the public”.

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