Category: Animation/Art              Publisher: CITIC

The Legend of the Deep Sea Hotel《深海大饭店的传说》


By 南河/Nanhe
ISBN: 9787521746716 Pages: 128
Published Date: January 2023
Size: 280mm x 230mm
SOLD copies in China: 200,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1.Adapted from the Berlin International Film Festival nominated animation “Deep Sea”
2.An exploration of 1478 Chinese animators’ 7-year journey

The main character Nanhe, with his core team members—a fierce walrus and an adorable sea otter—worked hard to build his personally designed “Deep Sea” vessel by collecting and recycling waste materials. They embarked on a fantastic adventure aboard the “Deep Sea” and started their journey of wonders. This picture book includes the birth of the Deep Sea vessel, unveils Nanhe’s background story, provides a detailed introduction to the Deep Sea cruise ship, and showcases the hotel’s exciting entertainment services, unique menu, and programs. After seven years of careful preparation, the original visual effects masterpiece animated film “Deep Sea” aims to create a new milestone in Chinese animation. Officially authorized by the film, this book is meticulously hand-drawn by skilled artists. ” Legend of the Deep Sea Grand Hotel” takes you on a journey to explore the story of “Deep Sea.”

About the Author:
The animated film was directed by TIAN Xiaopeng, whose previous 2 films have accumulated a total box office of 6 billion RMB. His new movie Deep Sea was shortlisted for 2023 Berlin International Film Festival Gerneration Kplus section. This film will also participate in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

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