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Notes on Haicuotu: the Book of Sea Creatures (4 volumes)



By 张辰亮/ZHANG Chenliang
ISBN: 9787508669069/ 9787521708677/ 9787521739336/ 9787508680651
Pages: 256 per volume
Published Date: 2016 – March 2023
Size: 240mm x 170mm
SOLD copies in China: 223,900/203,900/106,000/37,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1.A compilation of 236 illustrations of marine animals created three centuries ago
2.Approach ancient knowledge with a modern perspective

In this book, the author and entomologist Zhang Chenliang conducts research on the ancient compilation of marine animals Haicuotu from a modern biological perspective. Combined with detailed text, Zhang explains the scientific significance of the original work, deduces traces of actual animals from mythical creatures, adds amusing anecdotes, and introduces regional traditions related to the depicted animals.

About the Author:
ZHANG Chenliang holds a master’s degree in Entomology from China Agricultural University and currently serves as the deputy editor-in-chief of “Bowu” magazine and as the director of the integrated media center for “China National Geographic.”

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