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The Charm of Mortise and Tenon



By Zhang Yao 张瑶
ISBN: 978-7-122-35933-9 Pages: 168
Published Date: Sep., 2020
Size: 185mm x 250mm
SOLD copies in China: 16,620 Copies
Rights SOLD: Italian

Selling Points:
1.China Popular Science Writers Association Excellent Popular Science Works Award (the highest honor award in the field of popular science creation in China) Silver Award
2.The 11th Wu Dayou Science Popular Writing Award (the most important popular science award on both sides of the Taiwan Strait) Excellent Work Award

This book is inspired by a namesake exhibition held in China Science and Technology Museum. The pictures of the exhibits, which are mostly in mortise-and-tenon structure, are included into this book and accompanied by textual descriptions to explain the magic technical principles. The carefully selected 38 pieces of exhibits are to be shown in attached animated videos; such a means of media convergence can give all the amazing details of mortise-and-tenon structures, bringing readers an intuitive experience of this enduring technique.

About the Author:
ZHANG Yao, editor-in-chief of Ancient Science and Technology Exhibition Department of China Science and Technology Museum which has solid and systematic professional knowledge, rich exhibition experience and international perspective, has been engaged in the design, research & development of ancient science and technology exhibitions for many years, participated in the compilation of many related books. She is good at popular science writing, and has published several books, such as Light of Ancient China Science and Technology, Collection of Ancient Chinese Machinery Graphics and Text, etc.

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