Category: Children / Picture Book /Science             Publisher: CITIC

Made with Fun (3 volumes)《有趣的制造》


By 张金妙/ZHANG Jinmiao 滕意/TENG Yi 何月婷/HE Yueting
ISBN: 9787521748598/9787521748611/9787521748604
Pages: 56/volume
Published Date:February 2020
Size:220mm x 215mm
SOLD copies in China: 25,000 Copies
Rights Sold:Traditional Chinese

Selling Points:
1. Unveiling the manufacturing process of 55 everyday products by showing how the assembly lines work with fun and high-quality illustrations.
2. Teaching kids the secrets behind our daily necessities.

How is the liqueur injected into the liqueur chocolates? How do marbles get their pattern?
How do you make the colored stripes in toothpaste? Made with Fun is a set of fascinating picture book that uses simple and cheerful illustrations to explain how everyday objects are made. Series including: ① Amazing Campus, ② Daily Life Necessities, ③ Surprises on a Journey.

About the Author:
ZHANG Jinmiao holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Design and a Master’s degree in Design Practice from Goldsmiths, University of London.
TENG Yi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Automation and a Master’s degree in Electronics.
HE Yueting (Illustrator) graduated from the Industrial Department of China Academy of Art.

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