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Civilization, Modernization, Value Investment and China



By 李录/LI Lu
ISBN: 9787521712599
Pages: 480
Published Date: April 2020
Size: 230mm x 155mm
SOLD copies in China: 279,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai

Selling Points:
1.Contains a preface written by Charlie Munger
2.Life advice and investment lessons given by the world-renowned investor Li Lu

This book is a compilation of writings by Li Lu, the founder of Himalaya Capital and a prominent figure in the world of value investing. Divided into two parts, the first volume of this book features Li’s widely acclaimed “Sixteen Lectures on Modernization,” where he explores the evolution of society and predicts China’s future modernization process. The second comprises speeches, reflections, and book reviews by the author over the past two decades. Alongside discussions on value investing concepts and practices, Li contemplates various subjects such as human nature, contemporary issues, and the future.

About the Author:
LI Lu, known as China’s Buffett, the main wealth manager of the Munger family, is a Chinese-born American value investor, businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of Himalaya Capital Management. In 2021, he also co-founded The Asian American Foundation and serves as its chairman. At Columbia University, Li first enrolled in the American Language Program to learn English. He then studied in the School of General Studies and later transferred to Columbia College. Li Lu was one of the first in Columbia’s history to receive three degrees simultaneously: a B.A. in economics, a M.B.A., and a J.D. in 1996.

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