Category: Art/Design/Architecture/Culture             Publisher: CITIC

The Motifs of the Forbidden City



By 黄清穗/HUANG Qingsui
ISBN: 9787521748819 Pages: 300
Published Date: March 2023
Size: 260mm x 185mm
SOLD copies in China: 26,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese

Selling Points:
1.CITIC Press highlight book of March, 2023
2.117 Chinese motifs with origins and meanings explained
3.A well of resources for historical research and design references

The Palace of Chinese emperors during two dynasties, the Forbidden City has witnessed magnificent periods of Chinese history, hiding inside its grand architectural complex symbols of traditional Chinese culture and aesthetics. The secrets of these motifs are now fully revealed in “The Motifs of the Forbidden City,” a book that explores the origins, color chips, and meanings of 117 animal and plant motifs found on artifacts in the Imperial Palace.

About the Author:
HUANG Qingsui is the founder of Wenzang(an organization dedicated to the rediscovering, recreating, and digitizing of traditional Chinese motifs. This online museum offers a wide range of rare and exquisite motifs for historical research and design reference, covering over 200 subjects, such as the Forbidden City series and the bronze ware series, with a total of 25000+ groups of invaluable motifs.). The team took a 3-year journey in over a hundred cities and villages in China to discover “endangered” motifs. Their endeavor was reported by China Central Television.

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