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Oh, My Brain!《我的大脑好厉害》


By Sijia Zhao
ISBN: 9787559661197 Pages:320
Published Date: April 2022
SOLD copies in China: 25,000 Copies
Rights sold: Russia (Except Japan)

Selling Points:
1.A brain science ABC book for teenagers
2.Understanding the brain, one can understand the future trends of science and technology.
3.Written by Sijia Zhao, an Oxford University neuroscientist

Oh, My Brain! is a brain science ABC book written by an Oxford University neuroscientist, ZHAO Sijia. She is also a popular science book writer, and a science influencer among teenagers. Through 55 questions that her young followers are interested in, she gives us an important-butnever-been-taught-at-school lesson: brain science. In her book, brain science is no longer cold and complicated, but a subject closely related to everyone. On the one hand, brain science answers questions such as how can we study more efficiently, rest more effectively and play more scientifically. On the other hand, brain science can also explain teenagers’ emotional and moral concerns from a scientific point of view.

About the Author:
ZHAO Sijia,a post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience at Oxford University, a popular science book writer, and a science influencer with more than 460,000 followers on Zhihu (Chinese version of Quora). She is good at providing fresh, interesting but also rigorous neuroscience knowledge for curious readers. Sijia Zhao graduated from University College London with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience in 2013 and got a master’s degree in computer science the year following. Soon a doctor’s degree in philosophy followed in 2018. She is also the author of another bestseller science book Brain Communicator, which is reviewed by the most influential newspaper in China People’s Daily as a great book worthy reading.

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