Category: Children /Brain Development            Publisher: CIP

Whole Brain Development Game Book with Mind-Maps(8 volumes)《思维导图全脑开发游戏》(8种)


By Zhao Nier
ISBN:9787122344496 Page:224 pp
Pub-Date:August, 2019
SOLD copies in China: 600,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Vietnamese, Russian

Selling Points:
1.A set of mind map primers for preschoolers
2.Readable, understandable and enjoyable

The way of thinking is the key to determining one’s intelligence, while the age range of 3~6 is crucial for the development of thinking. Mind maps, which make full use of the left and right brains, help kids learn science and art in a balanced manner, and improve their logical thinking and imagination, thereby fully tapping their brain potentials. The 8 mind map primers will guide kids to learn how to draw mind maps by imitating examples, and improve their thinking ability and develop their brain potentials from 8 dimensions: imagination, observation, concentration, judgment, spatial cognition, memory, creativity, and logical thinking.

About the Author:
ZHAO Nier, an Editor, planner, and trainer; once edited several best-selling children’s books such as Chinese Encyclopedia for Kids, Idiom Stories, and Fun Reading and Literacy. Deeply influenced by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind-mapping, and made an intensive study on this subject, Zhao is now engaged in the mind-map training for kids.

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