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Celebrate uniqueness: growing inspiration from Satya

《庆祝独特性:来自萨提亚的成长启发 》


By Hu Huiyan
Pages: 288
Published Date: Feb., 2023
SOLD copies in China: 30,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1. Recommended by stars like Lin Zhiling, Tao Jingying, Wang Haowei
2. Stay away from the judgement by others, uniqueness is your gift of life
3. Get rid of emotional troubles, and live a gentle and powerful self
4. Are you also a hedgehog eager to cuddle?

The protagonist of the story, Ellie, was originally a very simple girl, whether it was feelings or work, she never skipped in giving, always hoping to be a person who does not cause trouble and is recognized by most people, and also looks forward to the love and tolerance of others, so she has always been very careful and cautious. Until one day, she found that her efforts were exchanged for neglect, suppression, betrayal and coercion, and she thought aggrievedly: I have been attempting so hard, what have I gained? And for what? When Ellie was confused, she met a wise older woman, Su Qing, and embarked on an awakening journey of self-transformation.

About the Author:
HU HUIYAN, A NATIONAL SECOND-LEVEL PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR, A CERTIFIED QUALIFIED PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR OF THE INTERNATIONAL SATYA SCHOOL, WAS THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF PSYCHOLOGIES AND THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF ELLE MAGAZINE. He has won the Asian Publishers Association (SOPA) Award for Excellence in Reporting Writing. With more than 20 years of experience in fashion magazines, he has honed his profound observation and exploration skills.

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