Category: Art/Culture/History                             Publisher: Zhejiang People Fine Arts

Beautiful Chinese Papers《寻纸》


By Wang Fan / 汪帆
ISBN: 9787534096044
Pages: 286
Published Date: March 2023
Size: 230 x 150mm
SOLD copies in China: 20,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1.A story-telling style for handmade paper history
2.With 25 pieces of different paper samples

Over the course of seven years, a book restorer for antique books visited ancient hand-papermaking sites in 13 provinces and autonomous regions across China. Combining personal experiences with a professional perspective, she investigated the traditional handmade paper techniques and the state of their inheritance in various areas, documenting her “journey of paper culture heritage” in great detail. Her indefatigable perseverance in exploring the art of hand papermaking shines between her lines, portraying a realistic picture of the traditional hand papermaking industry in contemporary China. A destined sense of responsibility and mission not only guided her to form a tie with paper but also drove her on a profound academic journey to explore the birthplaces of ancient handmade paper through on-site research.

About the Author:
Wang Fan is a book restorer for antique books. She has been working in the Antiquarian Book Department of Zhejiang Library since 2001 and joined the restoration team in 2007, serving as a book restorer for antique books. The author is a columnist for the Book Collection News (《藏书报》) and has published numerous books on antiquarian book restoration, including The Journey of Book Restoration. In addition to her professional career as a book restorer, she intends to focus on exploring sites of ancient hand papermaking for her future research.

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