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Author: CN/EN吴军/WU Jun
ISBN: 9787521735086
Pages: 270
Published Date: January 2023
Size: 230mm x 155mm
SOLD copies in China: 135,140 Copies

Selling Points:
1. 6 pieces of wise advice to bring your life to another level
2. 3 aspects you can improve in order to become spiritually rich

In this book, Dr. WU Jun summarizes true happiness ultimately comes from spiritual enrichment. If anyone can accomplish three things, they have the potential to become spiritually “rich”: understanding themselves and accepting input from the outside world with an open mindset; elevating themselves on the level of “the way” rather than being satisfied with mastering mere ‘techniques’; and progressing from acquiring knowledge to gaining wisdom.

About the Author:
Dr. WU Jun is an award winner author, a Silicon Valley investor, and a director of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University with a PhD in computer science, and is an expert in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and web search. He was the main designer of Google’s Chinese, Japanese, and Korean algorithms, and served as vice president of Tencent’s search business. He is the author of several best-selling books and has won several Chinese book awards, including the Wenjin Book Award and the China Best Book Award.

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