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Fun Literacy for Kids: 600 Chinese Characters



By Li Zhen
ISBN: 9787122325747 Pages: 376
Published Date: 2019
SOLD copies in China: 100,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All Rights Available

Selling Points:
1.Build up vocabulary gradually and systematically
2.Learn characters while reading, applying them in context to reinforce understanding;
3.Fun literacy games to remember new characters
4.Visually appealing images to nourish both knowledge and aesthetic appreciation
5.Explain the evolution and the essence of Chinese characters

This set contains 4 textbooks, 1 self-help reading book, 1 fun exercise book, and comes with literacy cards, stickers and a “literacy flashlight”. The texts are introduced with short passages, where the first lesson consists of 18 Chinese characters. After learning these characters, children can read the corresponding text on their own. On this basis, the text of Lesson 2 adds 15 new characters, and this pattern continues throughout the whole book. Therefore, as long as parents lead their children to learn in sequence, the learned text will no longer have difficulty with new characters and can be used as a ladder reading material for independent reading.

About the Author:
LI Zheng, is a featured author of the children’s book column for “Psychology Monthly” and bestselling author of the series of picture books “Children’s Emotion and Personality Development” published by the American Psychological Association. She also gave picture book presentations to children in kindergartens and lectures on early reading to parents.

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