Category:Children/Picture Book    Publisher: CITIC

Mount Grandma (Mount Laolao) 《姥姥山》


By 李琳荟/LI Linhui
ISBN: 9787521749786
Pages: 52
Published Date: March 2023
Size:256mm x 205mm
SOLD copies in China: 35,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1. The love and devotion between generations give warmth and security to children
2. Lively and cute cartoon style shows the reader the visit to Grandma’s house with bright colors

At first, the little girl did not want to go to Mount Grandma, she had a lot of bad fantasies about it: Is it dirty and messy? Will she be welcomed at all? After she arrives, she realizes that it is so much fun. She has a wonderful time with her grandmother, picking watermelons, playing hide-and-seek, and tying pigtails together… Through contrasting illustrations, this book tells the emotional journey of a child’s visit to her grandmother’s house. The book depicts a warm childhood full of affection: the intimate contact with nature, the pampering by Grandma, and the joy of running freely in the countryside.

About the Author:
LI Linhui is a freelance illustrator currently based in Beijing. Li graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master’s degree in visual culture studies. Her “Mount Grandma” won the first prize of the Picture Book Creation Award in the first Red Cloak Picture Book Competition.

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