Category:Children/Picture Book     Publisher: CITIC

The Big Ship《大船》


By 黄小衡/HUANG Xiaoheng 贵图子/GUI Tuzi
ISBN: 9787521710465
Pages: 48
Published Date: November 2019
Size: 280mm x 280mm
SOLD copies in China: 25,300 Copies
Rights Sold: Italian

Selling Points:
1. A psychological journey in search of self-esteem and self-actualization
2. Golden prize winner of children’s illustration books at Beijing International Book Fair and China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair

A big ship was once the only way to sail out to sea for a small fishing village. Through fishing, the village flourished, bustling into a big town. However, as time passed and the town ventured into other businesses, the big ship was left in the harbor to rust. However, when a storm hits, the big ship offered shelter for the villagers and saved their lives. In light of this, the villagers decided to give the ship a makeover. From once being indispensable to fading from memory, and ultimately discovering a renewed purpose, the ship has gone through a transformative odyssey, only to rekindle its resilience and embrace a newfound sense of purpose.

About the Author:
Gui Tuzi is an illustrator and children’s book author. She won the Ananas Grand Prix at the 2019 BIBF Anana Illustration Exhibition, and the Golden Award of China at the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition at the 2019 Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair.

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