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Magpie’s Nest《喜鹊窝》


By海飞Hai Fei, 杨鹁 Yang Bo
ISBN: 9787555293361 Pages: 40
Published Date: Jan 2021
SOLD copies in China:30,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: German

Selling Points:
1.An ecological picture book that looks at reality. Using a child’s favorite thing–bird’s nest, the touching story is narrated in a wide view of nature, evoking a respect for life.
2.It gives children a glimpse of the true meaning of life in a larger ecological view.
3.The annual award of picture book of Chen Bochui Award and the Laurel Children’s Book

The protagonist Sha Wa, a little boy, and the magpies living in a poplar tree are good friends. Sha Wa has been curious about what the inside of a magpie net looks like for a long time but he does not have any chance to find out. One day, the poplar tree was blown down by the sandstorm and Sha Wa could finally see the inside of the magpie net. Sha Wa was surprised by seeing the water in the almost destroyed net, and he felt the ferociousness and gentleness of the nature. The concise text and grand illustration outstandingly present the scenery in northwest China, the great power of the nature and the warmth of the people’s emotion. It is a beautiful song for the nature and human nature, which arises the readers to think about the relation between human and nature.

About the Author:

HAI Fei, a senior publisher, and a writer. He is also the former president of China Children’s Press & Publication Group. Hai Fei won many awards including the China National Book Award, Chinese outstanding publication award and Tao Fen Publishing Award.

YANG Bo, who became a teacher after graduating from Art School of Qufu Normal University in 1982, has published many picture books, such as Bath House, Xiao Ke’s Red Leather Boots.

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