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To Subdue the Opponent without Fighting: Business Lessons from the Art of War 《善战者说》


By 宫玉振/GONG Yuzhen
ISBN: 9787521719185
Pages: 512
Published Date: August 2020
Size: 210mm x 147mm
SOLD copies in China: 192,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese

Selling Points:
1.Draws wisdom from The Art of War by Sun Tzu
2.Reveals the secrets behind business growth through military science

Every business is faced with fierce competition today. In a world of uncertainty, how do business leaders stand out among strong competitors? The author, Gong Yuzhen, a professional on military science and business management, draws inspirations from The Art of War by Sun Tzu to teach principles necessary in winning a war, whether on the battlefield, or in the business world. With an abundance of cases from real-life, the author aims at helping readers become more apt in putting these principles into practice.

About the Author:
Gong Yuzhen is a Professor and Academic Director of EMBA Program of BiMBA at Peking University. He is also a former researcher at Academy of Military Sciences and a visiting scholar at Cornell’s East Asian research center. He has published books and papers on how to incorporate military science into business management lessons.

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