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Communication Skills for Everyone《可复制的沟通力


By 樊登/FAN Deng
ISBN: 9787521717648
Published Date: May 2020
Size: 210mm x 147mm
SOLD copies in China: 446,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese

Selling Points:
1.From abstract principles to practical tools, readers get to learn everything about the secret of communication
2.Real-life scenarios are weaved into the narrative, challenging learners to put theories into practice

The author starts by emphasizing that effective communication leads to better cooperation. Brilliant speakers attain their goals more quickly and build true connections with listeners. The goals and techniques of successful communication are clearly expressed in this book, inspiring readers to develop the right mindset for all kinds of social interaction. The author also uses mind maps to engage reader in different problem-solving circumstances (business conferences, public presentations, etc.) to better teach the art of communicating.

About the Author:
Dr. Fan
is the founder of Fanshu, the biggest online reading club in China with over 60 million fans. He is a former host at China Central Television. Today, “Fan Deng” can be described as a household name in China. A few years after the founding of “Fanshu,” a wave of payment for knowledge has been set off in China, which has revived countless people’s interest in reading. “Fanshu” has also rapidly developed into an enterprise with an annual profit of over 100 million yuan. Dr. Fan is not only an eloquent speaker, but also a successful business leader.

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