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One Day of Primitive Men (4 volumes)



By 段张取艺/Duan Zhang Qu Yi Studio
Pages: 48/volume
Published Date:June 2021
Size: 300mm x 245mm
SOLD copies in China: 35,000 Copies
Rights sold:Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Ukrainian

Selling Points:
1. Exploring the prehistoric civilization through a “typical day” of the primitive man
2. Letting young readers experience days in prehistoric time from an engaging perspective

The 4 volumes in this series each focus on clothing, food, shelter, and craftsmanship of prehistoric life. Each of these topics is presented in a one-day timeframe where the stories faithfully represent the primitive way of life. In each book there are informative and fun columns such as “The Encyclopedia of The Primitive,” “A Guide to Wilderness Survival,” “Fun Facts,” and “A Guide to Tool Crafting.”

About the Author:
Winner of several international and national awards, including the Most Popular Picture Book for Professional Participants in the 1st Little Hakka International Picture Book Award, the Silver Prize of the 3rd Alice Land Picture Book Award, and the Best 30 Books in China 2015. Their popular children’s science books have been translated into several languages and sold worldwide, including Nepal, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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