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Huawei, Practices Created-in-China over Made-in-China《华为 从中国制造到中国创造》


By Tao Yong/陶勇
ISBN:9787121393815 Pages: 380
Published Date: September 2020
SOLD copies in China: 12,000 Copies

Selling Points:
1.Case study of Huawei
2.Story-telling style with serious research

Huawei focuses on the research and development of new technologies, successfully become important player in the international market with a large number of technology patents. This book aims to restore Huawei’s 32-year history of ups and downs. With many entrepreneurial stories and innovative figures, let people understand Huawei in an all-round way, and let readers clearly understand that only scientific and technological innovation can make real strength. This book presents a three-dimensional scene of Huawei’s growth.

About the Author:
TAO Yong, fellow researcher of Peking University National Development Think Tank, and researcher of Zhongguancun History Research Group, has more than ten years of media work experience, engaged investigative reports about finance, politics and legal system. After quitting from media works, he focuses on enterprise management innovation research and has published several bestselling books.

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