Category: Children / Picture Book/Animal        Publisher: Dolphin Media

What If Series (10 titles) 《动物妙想国系列(全10册)》


1.What If A Panda Builds A Snowman?
2.What If A Lion Plays Hide and Seek?
3.What If An Ostrich likes skiing?
4.What If A Polar Bear Travels in the North Pole?
5.What If A Giraffe Plays Hula Hoops?
6.What If A Koala Plays Guitar?
7.What If A Cat Goes to Beauty Contest?
8.What If A Dog Goes for A Hot Tub?
9.What If A Parrot Turns A Somersault?
10.What If A Spider Plays Tug-of-war?
By Dolphin Media editor team
ISBN: 9787513348904
Pages:26 pages per title
Published Date: 2022/6
Size: 230mm × 253mm
SOLD copies in China: 50,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Vietnam

Selling Points:
Animal facts naturally in these vivid and hilarious stories.

How to deal with children’s unconstrained minds? How to protect their imagination? Open the door of Fantasy Animals World and think freely with your baby! Targeted to children aged 3 to 6, the book applies personification to depict animals and connects the open-minded questions with animal knowledge. If animals live in the human world, what kind of interest things will happen? How many animal skills do you know? If animals start live streaming, who will be the best live-streamer? The book contains 90 funny questions and answers, which not only amuse children but also help them to learn more knowledge about animals and inspire their imagination.

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