Category: Children /Math/Series        Publisher: CIP

Preschool Math Activity Workbook《全脑开发500题》(6 Volumes)


By 歆音/Xin Yin
ISBN: 978-7-122-28432-7 Pages: 80pp per Title
Published Date: 2013
SOLD copies in China: 2,100,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Vietnamese

Selling Points:
1.Over 3,000 questions, selling over 2 million copies.
2.Comprehensive training and development of brain potential in 6 major abilities: focus, creativity, memory, imagination, logical reasoning, and observation.

This set of books aims to capture the critical period of children’s intellectual development and comprehensively develop their brain potential through interesting thinking games.
Learning often begins with play, and this book is designed to help children gain wisdom through play, learning while playing and becoming smarter with each game. The series aims to provide balanced stimulation for both hemispheres of the brain, promoting whole-brain coordination and scientifically and efficiently developing brain potential!

About the Author:
XIN Yin is an educator and expert of children math skill development, and a bestselling author of many children math books.

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