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Illustrated Riddles for Smart Kids《儿童谜语精选》


By武冀平/Wu Jiping
ISBN: 978-7-122-35247-7 Pages: 114
Published Date: 2020
SOLD copies in China: 200,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All Rights Available

Selling Points:
1.The Riddle King with an award-winning illustrator
2.300 educational riddles and more than 50 illustrations
3.Guessing + cognition + games = whole brain development + focus training
4.Also a mini encyclopedia book for kids.

The book contains 300 riddles, covering knowledge about animals, plants, general knowledge, science and technology, geography, etc., allowing children to learn and think. Through the use of personification and other rhetorical devices commonly found in riddles, it enhances expression and imagination, and can also be shared with parents. The answers to each riddle are hidden in the illustrations on the opposite page. When encountering difficult riddles, children can solve them based on the hints in the pictures. Children can also play the “seek and find” game with 50 exquisite hand-drawn illustrations to train their observation and concentration skills.

About the Authors:
WU Jiping, known as the “King of Riddles,” is a children’s literature writer and lyricist. He has worked as an editor in China Radio Art Troupe for 16 years.
ZHAO Min, a freelance illustrator, was awarded the Excellence Award at the 7th National Book Design Art Exhibition. She has illustrated the books of many celebrities, including Taiwan’s best-selling spiritual writer Zhang Defen, psychological counselor Jin Yunrong, and Dai Jun.

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