Category: Children /Drawing              Publisher: CIP

Easy Way to Learn to Draw: Comics



By罗惠丹/Luo Huidan, 洪涛/Hong Tao
ISBN: 978-7-122-28432-7 Pages:60
Published Date: 2017
SOLD copies in China: 120,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All Rights Available

Selling Points:
1.Step-by-step learning, easy to get started
2.A book that includes the main basic knowledge and methods of comic drawing
3.Lovely works that make children fall in love with drawing

This book starts with familiar objects around children and is carefully written based on their cognitive abilities, following the principle of gradual progress. The creative and interesting visuals are not only a reference book for children to learn painting, but also a textbook for teachers and parents to guide children in painting.

About the Author:
LUO Huidan, graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. With more than ten years of training experience in college entrance examination of fine arts, she has coached students who achieved top scores in design at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, fashion design at Beijing Fashion Institute, the joint entrance exam for art colleges in Jiangsu Province, and sketching and color courses at Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has also provided a large number of talents to national art colleges such as Central Academy of Fine Arts and Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. She has authored the series “Starting from Scratch to Learn Sketching” and books such as “Easy Learning of Sketching” and “From Beginner to Master in Pencil Sketching”.

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