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I Belonged to You《从你的全世界路过》


By Zhang Jiajia/张嘉佳
ISBN: 978-7-5404-9194-9
Published Date: 2019-07-01
Pages: 320
SOLD copies in China: 10,000,000 Copies
Rights Sold: Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Traditional Chinese, Hungary, Saudi Arabia

Selling Points:
1. Bestselling and best story-telling author in China
2. A Book related to a film

This is a bedtime story created by Zhang Jiajia and touched everyone’s heart, with more than 4 billion views and 15 million share-reading. Every minute, someone sees themselves in the story. “I want to write a book that you can leave on your pillow, put on a shelf, or give to the most important person. Passing by your whole world, just open a random article. Just like when the mountain blooms, the children who plant it do not know where to go, the clouds do not say goodbye to each other, and the next day is another country. The snow on the roof of the car was quiet, and the young people in the car were safely drunk. “

About the Author:
Zhang Jiajia, writer, graduated from Nanjing University, Chinese best-selling author. His published works include: Passing Through Your World (I Belonged to You), There is a Commissary by the Clouds, Let Me Stay with You, Almost a Hero, and Lover’s Letter.

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