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20 Wisdoms from Psychologists



By Yukai Chi
ISBN: 9787559663856, Paperback
Pub. Date:Aug. 2022
SOLD copies in China: 50,000 Copies
Rights sold: Complex Chinese, Korean & (Except Russia & Japan)

Selling Points:
1.Sort out 20 everyday problems that plague us repeatedly
2.A selection of prescriptions for your mind from 20 renowned psychologists
3.Written by a psychology professor who has been teaching for 20+ years

How do you heal childhood trauma? How do you seize critical opportunities in your life? How do you thrive at work? People tend to seek help from wise elders when they are stuck in a dilemma or have no idea how to choose. For this purpose, psychologist Dr. Yukai Chi, who is also a great story teller, finds us 20 top psychologists and answers 20 critical-but-everyday questions. In a witty tone, he introduces these psychologists’ achievements and anecdotes, and prescripts us advice for our problems in romantic relations, work, parenting, social skills and mental health.

About the Author:
CHI Yukai is an associate professor of psychology at South China Normal University, and deputy director of Chinese Psychological Society. Besides, he is also known as a popular psychology writer who excels at telling stories.

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