Category: Nature/Bird       Publisher: Chongqing UP

Chinese Birds Illustrated 《中国鸟类生态大图鉴》


By Guo Dongsheng/郭冬生 Zhang ZhengWang 张正旺
ISBN: 978-7-5624-8512-4 Pages: 296
Published Date: April 2020
SOLD copies in China: 45,000 Copies
Rights Sold: Italian

Selling Points:
1.Pictures of birds living in China
2.Encyclopedia of birds

This book includes 1068 species of birds in China, belonging to 24 orders and 99 families. The book uses 1438 pictures of birds, mainly pictures, supplemented by text, according to the classification system of the second edition of Zheng Guangmei’s “Chinese Bird Classification and Distribution List”, showing the primary color ecology of each bird in detail, truly reflecting the brilliant color, morphological characteristics and natural ecology of birds, with concise and concise main taxonomic characteristics, geographical distribution and ecological habits and other relevant information.

About the Author:
GUO Dongsheng, senior experimentalist, member of the Zoological Society of China and the Ornithological Society. He worked at the School of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University, and has long been engaged in ornithology, zoology, basic ecology and biology field practice.

ZHANG Zhengwang, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor. He worked at the School of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University. He is a member of the International Bird Federation, the vice chairman of the Ornithology Branch of the Zoological Society of China, and a reviewer and editorial board member of many journals such as Ibis and Journal of Ornithology.

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