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Traditional Chinese Colors: Aesthetics of Color in the Forbidden City《中国传统色:故宫里的色彩美学》


By 郭浩/GUO Hao 李建明/LI Jianming
ISBN: 9787521716054 Pages: 296
Published Date: September 2020
Size: 230mm x 170mm
SOLD copies in China: 413,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian

Selling Points:
1.The most complete and well-explained collection of traditional Chinese color charts
2.24 solar terms, 96 hand-drawn artifacts, and 384 traditional colors – a real masterpiece on Chinese culture

Through extensive research, this book traces the origins of 384 traditional colors of Chinese art from 400 historical documents. The colors are compared to the those of 96 artifacts of Forbidden City, where readers can find traces of an ancient civilization. This book is a treasure for designers and scholars who are interested in traditional Chinese colors, and a must-read for everyone drawn to the charm of brilliant ancient civilizations.

About the Author:
GUO Hao is a cultural scholar and investor on creative products. He is a former visiting scholar at Harvard Kennedy School. His passion in Chinese aesthetics and expertise on cultural studies lead him to conduct extensive research on traditional colors.

LI Jianming is a designer for cultural and creative products. It took them two years to peruse over 400 ancient rolls on Chinese traditional colors and select 96 out of a hundred thousand artifacts in the Forbidden City to develop an extensive system for Chinese colors.

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