Category: SCI-Fiction      Publisher: New Star Press

Miscalculation Trilogy



By SONG Zhao/宋钊
ISBN: 9787513328968
Published Date: 2017
Pages: 275
SOLD copies in China: 50,000 Copies
Rights Sold: Latvia

Selling Points:
1.Awarded SCI-Fiction about world
2.AI ethics in future human society

Introduction:In the wasteland, “New Human” Rocky and his girlfriend Wali enter a mirror space opposite the world they live in through experiments. The people there live forever and are constantly experimenting to solve the mystery of eternal life. When the “Vali” of two worlds meet, which one is real? At the same time, the commune set off a movement, and Xu Weiran and others only wanted to pursue the truth: who is behind the manipulation of traditional people, new humans, and artificial intelligence? but unexpectedly received an invitation to live forever…

About the Author:
Song Zhao, a popular bestselling Chinese SCI- fiction author has been engaged in the media and public relations industry for a long time. As an reporter in IT media and experienced the rapid growth of AI technology. He hopes to avoid the weakness of the lack of story of pure literary works, and to avoid the common problem of the lack of connotation of popular novels. Miscalculation trilogy won the 9th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award.

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