Category: Children Literature     Publisher: Qingdao

A little teardrop《一颗小泪珠》


By高洪波 Gao Hongbo
ISBN:9787555291589 Pages: 274
Published Date: Jan 2021
Size:147 * 213 mm
SOLD copies in China:30,000 Copies
Rights SOLD: All Rights Available

Selling Points:
1.The text is arranged in steps of difficulty to enhance the enjoyment of reading progression and help young readers to achieve independent reading
2.A collection of children’s stories by famous authors, with sophisticated language, clever ideas, poetry and reasoning, and a great sense of fun

This set is a selection of fairy tales by the famous children’s literature writer Mr. Gao Hongbo, which are either short and concise, rich in poetry and reasoning, or close to life, both real and fantasy, reflecting the colourful children’s hearts. The humorous style of the writing, the easy-read language and the fanciful imagery open up a unique and rich world of fairy tales for children.

About the Author:
Gao Hongbo is the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Writers’ Association and the Director of the Children’s Literature Committee of the Chinese Writers’ Association. His works have won the China Publishing Government Award, the National Outstanding Children’s Literature Award, the “Five-One Project” Award and the National Book Award, etc. The picture book series “Happy Little Piggy Bobo Flies” has sold over one million copies and the copyright has been exported to France, Korea and Vietnam.

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