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STM for kids Series




By 吴军/Wu Jun
ISBN: 9787521733167/9787521744125/
Pages: 250/volume
Published Date: 2021-2023
Size: 260mm x 185mm
SOLD copies in China: 198,848/50,000/30,000 copies
Rights sold: Traditional Chinese

Selling Points:
1. The author Wu Jun has won the “Wu Dayou Popular Science Book Award”, and was shortlisted for “China Good Book” and “Wenjin Book Award”
2. Cultivate children’s scientific thinking to solve problems in everyday life and learning

The book Technology history for kids gives children a glimpse of the Big History of 1.76 million years of scientific development through more than 300 cartoons and funny annotations. The book Mathematics for kids contains 40 mathematical problems that affect the world and over 100 mathematical knowledge points, allowing children to learn mathematical thinking that benefits them for a lifetime. The book Science for kids contains 40 stories of scientific experiments that change the world, covering 7000 years of scientific journey, allowing children to master scientific methods that benefits them for a lifetime.
About the Author:
Dr. WU Jun, a Silicon Valley investor, and a director of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. He graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University with a computer science, and is an expert in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and web search. He was the main designer of Google’s Chinese, Japanese, and Korean algorithms, and served as vice president of Tencent’s search business. He is the author of several best-selling books and has won several Chinese book awards, including the Wenjin Book Award and the China Best Book Award.

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